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Past Teams

It wasn't until after running three food businesses when Michael Adams ( Class of '10) realized he had a problem. He, along with other food producers, struggled to manage inventory and get a handle on what their COGS was, because ingredient prices were always fluctuating. That's when Gredio was born. Gredio is a web application to help food producers with less than $5 million in revenue better manage their inventory, take control of their business, and facilitate automatic lot tracking of ingredients. 

Michael found a technical co-founder to build Gredio in December 2012, and it's been a whirlwind adventure ever since. He's kept in contact with several Bryant University professors and plans to speak in classes and group meetings to educate current students on the value of creating your own future.


Mallory Musante Shoes

Mallory Musante Designs is a line of hand painted women’s leather shoes and accessories started by namesake Mallory Musante in Spring 2009.  These exclusive accessories are all genuine leather painted with acrylic-based, non-chip leather paint, bold colors and unique designs.  Every piece is individually hand painted making each a completely one-of-a-kind design.

Mallory Musante shoes have been spotted on celebrities like Alex McCord from The Real Housewives of New York and have graced the runways of StyleWeek Providence, Boston Fashion Week and even New York Fashion Week. She has been covered in a variety of news outlets from the Rhode Show to Downtown and KENTON magazines.


I came up with the idea for ColorBlind Creations in the summer of 2008 when I was beginning my freshman year of college. I wanted to use the concept of color to change themes and objects we often associate with each other, then use these ideas to create limited edition clothing. It’s a very simple notion that shows a unique way to be creative, while reminding us of our childhood days: when we could make things into whatever we wanted them to be using our imagination. I strongly believe that all kids are entrepreneurial in their own right, whether running lemonade stands, doing chores around the house, or accepting crazy dares from friends in order to earn some money. Going into college, you start to think about your future and I just couldn't picture myself working a typical 9 to 5 job that I didn’t enjoy. So I thought, why not start my own business and create my own career that I would truly love and have fun doing, while giving employees and customers that same opportunity.


Cyclone Strategies

"Cyclone Strategies is a creative digital marketing agency focused on social media strategy design and development. We create advertising campaigns, websites, promotions, and much more. Our solutions help businesses and organizations grow their presence online while driving traffic and sales. We are committed to helping small, medium, and local businesses by developing personalized marketing strategies which fit your changing needs."

Bryant Ventures, or the Entrepreneurs on Campus as it was called at the time, was by far the most motivating force behind us starting Cyclone. Every week we got consistently great feedback from the entire group. We were able to bounce ideas around get opinions from like-minded students. This was the only opportunity on campus able to provide this kind of support. It was critical to our marketing agency going from a simple idea in class to a profitable working business.

Read more about our time in EOC in the featured venture section!

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Dolce Friot

This organic ice cream company was founder by Hooman Shahidi and Jillian Friot. At Dolce Friot, our ice cream has been influenced by flavors and spices from around the world. Captivating our culture of ice cream and sharing it with the rest of the world is what we do best. Through environmentally friendly and convenient packaging, progressive social responsibility, and healthier alternatives we want to help you and the rest of the world confess the sweet truth. After all, ice cream is in our nature.


My Web Room

Artem Fedyaev and John Gonzalez began this project in 2011 when they realized there was a need for an online resource to help organize an overwhelming amount of web resources people use every day. In the process, they learned that rooms can be much more than an organizational resource, because in their opinion, a room is a very intimate place that reveals a lot about a person. The project was started in their Bryant University dorm room where it got the attention of their classmates. For their entire senior year they were working on the prototype, just trying to get the idea functioning on their school laptop screens. Their idea and business has grown considerably since graduation, with headquarters in San Francisco and a full development team currently,


Living My Dream

Jacob Radler created this motivational focused firm. Website to go live shortly. 


Mass Apparel

Nick Urciolo from the Bryant class of 2012 developed a bold streetwear brand.


Moondust Macarons

Stephen Fitch, who graduated in 2010 created this artisan confectionery company, which sold macarons to the greater Rhode Island area.


Fashion Force

Mellisa Ellard is in the process of developing a web based virtual tradeshow firm.