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KLR Resource Center for Business Growth - Excellent articles and information to help your business grow. 

Betaspring is a mentorship-driven startup accelerator program for technology and design entrepreneurs who are ready to launch a company and change the world. 

Uncubed - A Boston recruiting and startup event that won't be a bore to attend.

Boston Startup Job Fair is another excellent place to look for employment with like minded companies. 

Wakefield - Startup Stories and Job Openings. Sign up for their daily emails to get great information.

Seedcamp is the most connected international seed investor in the world and is Europe's leading micro-seed investment and mentoring program. Since launching in 2007, our family now includes 90+ of Europe's most promising startups with several acquisitions. Backed by an awesome teamboard, and group of investors, we are incredibly active and invest in about 20 startups globally annually. Learn how to get connected with their investment program here.

The Kauffman Foundation located in Kansas City, MO, is often referred to as one of the largest foundations in the United States—or as the world's largest foundation devoted to entrepreneurship. See what programs and options they have to help with your business development here on their site.