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We are very excited to announce a new opportunity to advance the culture of entrepreneurship and innovative thought at Bryant University. The Jackson W. Goss Prize in Entrepreneurship aims to increase students' entrepreneurial skill sets and the number of student ventures from the "prelaunch" phase to launch.

Applications for the Fall Goss Prize in Entrepreneurship can be submitted shortly and will be available soon!

Submit and request an/or an application from Eileen Deary at


Featured venture

Bryant Class of 2010



Nick Candito graduated from Bryant in 2010. He majored in finance, but has since led teams at groundbreaking technology companies ranging from Crimson Hexagon in the Seaport District of Boston to RelateIQ (acquired by Salesforce) in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Nick has since founded Progressly alongside his co-founder, Clarence Wooten. Today, Nick leads the talented Progressly team from their headquarters in Palo Alto, California, on their mission to build the go-to marketplace for better business processes—and better business decisions. Bryant Ventures was part of the beta launch of Progressly, and the company was featured in an entrepreneurial marketing class taught by Sandra Potter in the spring of 2015. The core principles Nick learned at Bryant have been invaluable to his success, and the feedback he received from the Bryant community enabled Progressly to break through barriers faster than Nick could have imagined.


Progressly is the world’s first visual platform for sharing and discovering business knowledge.

The platform houses hundreds of proven strategies and successful workflows, organized visually to give your team instant access to best practices for nearly any business problem. These Flows are easily replicable and can be copied and shared across teams to get everyone pushing toward progress faster than ever before.

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Bryant Ventures started in 2011 as the Entrepreneurs on Campus. Comprised of a group of ambitious students who wanted to get hands on experience starting a business, they meet weekly to encourage one another and give feedback. With Sandra Potter as the group's adviser and the hard work of teams throughout that first year and over the semesters since, Bryant Ventures has evolved into to something much greater.

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We have open meetings the first Wednesday of each month in Unistructure room 245  from 5 - 7pm.