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About Us

We are down to start-up!

Bryant Ventures is an experiential component of the Global Entrepreneurship Program, offering any student, regardless of major, an opportunity for some hands-on learning. The members of Bryant Ventures represent the drive, independence, and hard work which is clearly visible across campus. The students in Bryant Ventures are determined to pave their own path in the business world.


There are dedicated faculty who assist the teams, as well as several veteran mentors - many of whom are Bryant Alumni themselves. This mix of professionals provides students with well-rounded advice and feedback which is grounded in years of experience. It is also common for past teams to provide advice and support when possible. This also helps get students on the right track.

Whether it is during meetings or late at night, other students are a constant source of ideas, suggestions, and great advice. Bryant Ventures focuses on collaboration and reciprocity, emphasizing critical thinking and honest feedback.

While Bryant Ventures has had it's share of successes, that's not it's only benefit. Not every team or project goes on to see success, but the knowledge gained through their experience is carried with them far down the road. This wisdom is something which traditional education simply cannot provide!

Even if you only have an idea in your head, Bryant Ventures is a great place to go for validation and ideas to help you pursue it. You'll meet like-minded students who want to turn a simple business plan into a working and profitable business, and your ideas and questions will always be welcomed.